Monday, May 14, 2012

The Voice

My children have discovered the wonder and joy of talking into fans. You would think that this would only be entertaining for a short period of time, but it amuses them to no end! The giggles and squeals that emerge from the boys when they hear their voices through the fan are simply contagious. You cannot help but crack a smile {yes… even before coffee I found this entertaining}.

I woke up this morning to my children and their father all crouched around the box fan in my room talking. If I was not awake before these little rascals came to get me up, the fan talk and funny voices sure did the trick.

From my one year-old I heard growls and giggles followed by short bursts of gibberish. Then he would turn and look at me and smile. Talk about melting my heart; ADORABLE!

My three year-old would shout into the fan, because talking in an inside voice first thing in the morning could not get the job done nearly as well as a full scale assault on the fan. When shushed, he would turn to me and shush me back {Oy!}… Of course it was quickly followed by “listen mommy, surprise!”

Every single time I took the boys upstairs today to do something they immediately gravitated towards the fan. Not the television, not the toys, and not the tub. The boys wanted to hear the voice that only a fan could make.

I don’t remember being quite so easily entertained as a child, but I am sure that I was. I think that the whole fan talking fiasco started for me when I was young as well. There is something to be said for the simple things in life and the ability to amuse oneself with everyday household items.

No Transformers or toy trains were required today!

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