Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Trip to Brookfield Zoo!

One of my all time favorite things to do with my children is to walk around a zoo. We like to check out the different animals and talk about them. We like to make the animal noises and sometimes we even like to pretend to be the animals we see. It is a very entertaining experience for everyone involved.

The boys at the Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo Frog Time!

This summer the Brookfield Zoo had the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit back again and my boys LOVED it! They are big time dinosaur fanatics and really got into the animatronics of the dinosaurs on display. They loved that with a push of a button they could make them move. Once we were through, they wanted to do it again.

Brookfield Zoo Dinosaurs Alive!

Brookfield Zoo Dinosaurs Alive!

Brookfield Zoo Dinosaurs Alive!

I am a big fan of the bears, as they are usually pretty active trying to stay cool by taking a dip in their pools. This time around the polar bear was more interested in interacting with the zoo patrons. They boys were a little intimidated by how close the bear was to the glass and the fact that it was awake!

Brookfield Zoo Polar Bear Talk Time

My oldest son likes to visit the penguins and check out the fish and bats in the living coast. I like the jellies! He likes the bats. We will agree to disagree on which is cooler.

Brookfield Zoo Upside Down Jelly Fish #Casiopia #Jellies

Brookfield Zoo BATS

I have been a member of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago for a couple years and continue to enjoy myself each and every time I visit this zoo. I love the newsletter I get from them that fills me in on what has been happening at Brookfield and what events are going to be taking place. While I have never signed up for one of the Backstage Adventures, I secretly {or I guess not so secretly anymore} want to hang out with those beautiful and friendly flippered friends; the dolphins and sea lions.

If you could hang out with any animal at the zoo for the day which would it be and why?

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