Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Bundoo, Do you?

This is a sponsored post; regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own and may differ from others.

As a mother of three children all under four years-old I am constantly looking for answers to my parenting questions. Each and every one of my children is different and as a result I have to learn new ways to tackle situations. I have to learn different techniques to help deal with what used to be tried and true. I have already learned that just because I have three children does not mean that I know everything.

While I may not know everything {shhh don’t tell my children, they think I have eyes in the back of my head and that I have a direct line to Santa.}, I do know a great place to help me find the answers I seek, Bundoo. I Bundoo my parenting questions. What is Bundoo? Bundoo is a community of parents, pediatricians, child care experts that have come together on a website that is dedicated to helping parents navigate parenthood.

What does this mean? Well… It means that when I have parenting questions at 3am I can hop on my computer and Ask Bundoo. Instead of searching for endless hours on the World Wide Web, I can get my questions answered by an expert. Are you questioning what to do to make the transition from co-sleeping to crib easier for everyone, Ask Bundoo! I love that I can get expert advice from a professional whenever I want without having to submit my insurance information or fork over a co-pay.

Bundoo A-Z is a library of expert reviewed articles on raising healthy babies. It is broken down into ten categories. When you click on a category you are taken to a list of articles Bundoo thinks you would be interested in based on your profile. You can edit your family information in your profile so that you see more relevant information that suits your family. It is a great resource for parents without all of the medical jargon that can get confusing.

Bundoo A-Z

The Bundoo Community is a great place where you can have an open dialog between experts and other parents about anything and everything. You can go to share parental anecdotes, discuss the ups and downs of parenting, or offer tips and tricks that work for you. I have joined Foodie Families and Toddler Moms and am enjoying the discussions there a lot!

Bundoo Community Phrases you find yourself saying discussion

And then there is the Marketplace, where you can go to shop for baby gear. You can give your opinion by clicking the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down on each product, or you can write up a review of your own. You can add items to your cart, and when ready to check out you can checkout with Amazon.

Navigating Bundoo is really easy and interacting on Bundoo is both informative and fun and right now you can Join Bundoo for free {as it is currently in Beta}. You can even follow me on Bundoo! I recently started a discussion on dealing with temper tantrums and would love your input!

Be sure to follow Bundoo on Twitter and fan them on Facebook for more discussion on all things babies, toddlers, parenting and more!

Want another reason to Bundoo? Right now Bundoo is running a contest for a $500 Amazon gift card. So…  Bump it. Pint it. Win it.

Bump It. Pin It. Win It. Bundoo $500 Amazon Contest

Pretty cool, right?!? I thought so. I have quickly become a fan of Bundoo and enjoy my interactions that take place there. I like the camaraderie that I feel when talking with other mothers and the tips and tricks I have picked up from reading discussions. I hope to see you around!

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