Thursday, September 12, 2013

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

I enjoy doing activities with my whole family. I was raised with the mentality of the more the merrier and I rather enjoy activities that embrace that mindset as well. Thanks to USFamilyGuide for providing me tickets, I was able to take my family to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL for the day and we could not have had a better time. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting there to be so much to do!

They opened the doors on Labor Day at 9am and we were ready to check things out as soon as the doors swung open. To greet us was a life size Batman made out of LEGOS! This was a huge hit with my youngest that is all about all things superhero right now.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL Batman

We checked in and wound our way through the exhibits on the first floor. There was a miniature Chicago skyline made out of LEGOS, a jungle room, a huge spider with a black light area to walk through, and a Star Wars room {which we came back to check out a couple times}.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL Star Wars Exhibit

There were even a couple rides for the kids to go on at the LEGOLand Discovery Center. I was not expecting there to be rides and was pleasantly surprised. The rides are really geared for younger children, so my boys loved them. The first ride downstairs takes you on an adventure where you have a little blaster that shoots objects with a laser. The ride upstairs is a pedal bike that seats two and goes up and down depending on your pedaling speed.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL RIDES!

Upstairs there was a whole area dedicated to hands on activities. There were tables set up for children to sit at and play with LEGOS. There were ramps set up for LEGO creations to race on. There was even a large play area with tubes and slides and instead of a ball pit there was a LEGO pit where kids could play with very large LEGOS. Don’t worry, they were not hard plastic LEGOS, they were pretty soft and squishy.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL playplace!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL LEGO pit!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL LEGO play!

The whole family was able enjoy a 4D movie experience. This was great. It was a very short film, so my little ones were able to sit through it no problem. They were also highly entertained when it rained in the theater. We were also able to participate in an activity workshop with a master model builder to create a figure. If we wanted to keep the figure we created it was an additional $5. There was also a LEGO Factory Tour where you are able to learn all about how LEGO bricks are made.

If you are hungry you can grab a bite to eat at the Café located on the second floor. We grabbed pretzel for a mid-morning snack, but they do have family meal deals that you can purchase ahead of time online for a discount.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL celebrity sightings

We had a great time. We even had some celebrity LEGO sightings! There was an elevator centrally located so we had no issues taking the stroller inside with us. We arrived when the doors opened on Labor Day at 9am and spent all morning playing with LEGOS, riding rides, and watching mini 4D movies. We were done by 12pm and able to head around the corner for some frozen yogurt before heading home.

Ticket prices vary and are dependent on what time you arrive and if you are purchasing a single visit ticket or an annual pass. There is a discount for single visits if you purchase ahead of time online. The walk-up price for adults and children 3+ is $20 and the online price is $15 for before 3pm. After 3pm the online purchase price is $12 instead of $15.  

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Schaumberg IL

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