Friday, September 20, 2013

Homemade Fabric Pacifier Clips #DIY

We are taking a break today from the play tray craft series, as I am awaiting a piece that I ordered for my final play tray craft to arrive. So instead this week I took out my sewing machine a whipped up a few fabric pacifier clips. I like to make my own because I am not a fan of a lot of the clips out there.

My children use different pacifiers, so I like a pacifier clip that works for all of them. That means that the pacifier clip needs to have a clip to connect the pacifier to things on one side and a simple ribbon on the other to attach to the pacifier. I have seen Bella Tunno sell these for $8.00 a clip {that does not include shipping and handling}. While this is very reasonably priced, I thought it was something I could make on my own.

DIY Fabric Pacifier Clips #Homemade #DIY
What you need:
1” Metal Suspender Clip – with Round Insert { I bought 10 for $4 on Amazon}.
2 - 5” Square Fabric Swatches.
¼ “ Wide Ribbon
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine

How to Make It:
Take the 5” square fabric swatches and cut them in ½ so that they are 5” long, but only 2.5” wide.

Place one swatch of fabric on top of the other like a sandwich. Make sure that the fabric that you want to display on the finished pacifier clip is on the inside, as we will be turning this inside out after the seam is sewn.
Then take you ¼” wide ribbon and cut it so that it is 5” long.
Take both ends of the ribbon and tuck it between the fabric swatches on one of the ends {make sure to push it down far enough so that you sew through the ribbon}.
Take the fabric and sew a seam around 3 sides of the fabric {make sure that you are sewing the left side, the end with the ribbon, and the right side – leaving one end open}.
Use the open end to flip the fabric inside out so that the fabric that you want to see is now on the outside.
Iron the fabric so that it lays flat.
Finally, you will slip the fabric through the suspender clip, fold it over and sew another seam –thus securing the fabric to the suspender clip. 

DIY Fabric Pacifier Clips #Homemade #DIY
DIY Fabric Pacifier Clips Riley Blake Priscilla Charm Pack Stacker  #Homemade #DIY

I made these for my son when he was born and ended up giving them away to friends and family who commented on how much they liked them. When I found out I was having a girl I knew I needed to whip up a few more feminine ones and set out to pick out the perfect fabric! I bought the Riley Blake Priscilla Charm Pack Stacker, Set of 24 5-inch (12.7cm) Precut Cotton Fabric Squares for this project and spent about a half hour one day just pairing up swatches to make pacifier clips with.

I love these clips and use them all the time. They are machine washable since I use 100% cotton fabric – so spit up is not a problem. They are the perfect size for my little nugget, as she can have them attached to the baby carrier or her outfit and they can reach her mouth. I love how soft these are and they seem to get softer with each washing. They are super easy to make, I am saying that beginning sewers can do this. Yes, I categorize myself as a beginning sewer.

Have you ever created homemade baby gear, if so what did you make?

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