Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Garage! Review and Giveaway

There are certain toys that my children tend to gravitate towards and want to play with daily. A tried and true favorite are cars. My children love to play with cars, they play with them on our car mat, on the coffee table, under the kitchen table, and now they play with them on the VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Garage.

VTech sent us a Go Go Smart Wheels Garage to help facilitate this review, regardless all thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own and may vary from others. As a mother of two little boys, I am a firm believer that you can never have too many cars. We play with cars everywhere. 

Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage

What we love about the Go Go Smart Wheels Garage:

I love the toy tow truck that comes with the Go Go Smart Wheels Garage, it is adorable. It lights up and plays music and when my boys hear the tow truck start to sing they stop to dance. It is too cute!

I am a fan of how easy it was to set up and start playing. All of the pieces fit together easily and no tools were required. It even features SmartPoint technology {meaning the play set can sense which toy is being used on it when it passes over a SmartPoint location and it can respond to it}.

If it’s educational, chances are I will enjoy playing with it and interacting with my children with it. This toy is no exception. I really like the educational aspect that the Go Go Smart Wheels Garage brings to simple imaginative car play time. Asking things such as observations on the weather to color identification, this toy goes beyond the simple vroom vroom noises of car play.

I like that there is an off switch. It may sound silly, but I like that I can turn off the sound if I want to and have the garage be quiet. You can even turn off the toy tow truck vehicle. This is especially important with a sleeping newborn in the house!

My favorite thing about the Go Go Smart Wheels Garage is the fact that the fun doesn’t have to stop with just the garage. You can build on this playset by adding more play sets and vehicles.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage VTech Toys

Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage VTech Toys Review

Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage VTech Toys PLAYTIME

Something to be aware of is the fact that the helicopter landing pad does not click and lock into place, this means that it is easy to detach and can come off when being played with or moved. My oldest thought it was quite funny to take this off and use it on the play rug… his brother was not amused. This has been played with non-stop since we got it out of the box.

My younger son has already put in a request to Santa for the Airport Playset and the Train Station Playset. My oldest has asked for a shopping trip to pick up another vehicle, since the Go Go Smart Wheels Playset only comes with one. He feels that it would only be fair if there was one for each of them to play with. I would have to agree, so I guess a shopping trip for some toys is in my very near future.

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Buy It:

The Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage! retails for $34.99 and is available directly from VTech and other online retailers.

Win It:
VTech is giving one lucky Mom Mart reader a Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage! of their own!

Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Garage VTech Toys

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