Friday, September 6, 2013

Homemade Magnetic Chalkboard Trays #DIY #CraftsForKids

Continuing my tray craft series today is the magnetic chalkboard tray. I made this play tray in a day using my own chalkboard paint I created. Yes it is black chalkboard paint… but that is only because I just ordered a whole heap of colored chalk off Amazon and I want the chalk to pop! *Confession* - I also ordered adorable little chalkboard erasers too.

My children love to play pretend. Usually they are pretending to be mommy and daddy, but now they have started pretending to be teachers too. So having their own little chalkboards is another great creative outlet for them to use. They can use it to draw on or incorporate it into their “classroom”. Either way, it is a really fun project that both of the boys LOVE!

How to make a homemade Magnetic Chalkboard Tray #DIY #CraftsForKids

What you need:
97¢ cookie sheet from Walmart
1/2 cup paint {I used latex paint}
1 tablespoon non-sanded grout
plastic cups and spoons for mixing paint
paint brushes/sponge

How to Make It:
Mix 1/2 cup of paint with 1 tablespoon of non-sanded grout in a disposable plastic cup with a plastic spoon. You will want to just mix one color at a time if you are planning on doing multiple colors as the paint dries out quickly. 
Paint 1-2 coats of the paint over on the cookie sheet. If one coat is streaky do a second. Let dry completely. 
Once the chalk board is dry, take a white piece of chalk and rub it all over the board to "set" the chalk board. Wipe with a dry paper towel. 

How to make a homemade Magnetic Chalkboard Tray #DIY #CraftsForKids

How to make a homemade Magnetic Chalkboard Tray #DIY #CraftsForKids

I used a rust-oleum latex paint in black, but I have heard from other crafty moms that they have used acrylic paint without any problems. Needless to say, I have plans on making a couple more chalkboard trays in some bold bright vibrant colors.

While these will store well for car rides, I worry about the chalk making a mess in the car. So these will not be used on future road trips. Instead they will be used for rainy day activities and indoor/outdoor educational tools for the kiddos. So far they have held up well which I am excited about. I am looking forward to my real “classroom” chalk and eraser to arrive for my nuggets to play with. This was a very inexpensive product to make and I see more mini chalkboards and homemade chalkboard paint in my future.

How to make a homemade Magnetic Chalkboard Tray #DIY #CraftsForKids

Have you ever played with a chalk board tray?

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