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Taggies Swing 'N Go Portable Swing Review

Traveling with a baby can make you feel like you are traveling with a three ring circus if you try to bring everything with you. Depending on what age your baby is, you may want to take a lot of baby gear with you on the road. As a mom of three little ones all under 4 years old I am used to feeling like I am the ringmaster of my own little three ring circus. Needless to say that when I get my hands on baby gear that is perfect for traveling I tend to do a little happy dance.

A good baby swing is one of the first must have baby items I discuss with friends and family when assisting them with registering for a baby shower. They are perfect for when you need to get things done and cannot do them while holding a baby. For example, I use my swing most when caring for one of the older children and when I need to prepare family meals. Having a safe place that my baby can relax and be entertained while I get things done is very important to me. Thank you Double Duty Divas and Kids II for providing the Taggies Swing ‘N Go for the purposes of this review. Baby Julia loves her Taggies Swing!

Taggies Swing 'N Go Portable Swing

Before I get too carried away talking about this swing let me share some quick facts with you. In order to use the Taggies Swing your child should weight more than 3kg and less than 9kg {6.6lbs – 19.8lbs}. This swing should ALWAYS be used on the floor, never on an elevated surface. Now that we have those fun facts taken care of let me share with you my thoughts and opinions on this swing.

What we love about the Taggies Swing ‘N Go:
It is portable. By far the coolest thing about this swing is the fact that it can fold flat for storage and travel. It is really easy to fold and even easier to open up when you want to use it again.
The fabric seat and headrest are machine washable and are super plush. This is a very big deal when dealing with a baby that spits up or has reflux issues. And if you follow the directions and air dry the seat, the material hold up well and is still super soft.
It is quiet. The motor on this swing is super quiet, as in mine makes virtually no noise at all. This is something I was not expecting and it is a pleasant surprise.
It has 5 speed settings which can be set on a timer {settings are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes}.

Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing

Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing

Baby Julia enthralled with the mobile on the Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing

Baby Julia enthralled with the mobile on the Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing

This swing also has a nature/music button option with an auto shut off after 20 minutes. I am not a big nature/music button person. I prefer to listen to my own music during playtime if I listen to anything at all, but I do like that I have the option of soothing music available on this swing.

I really like this travel swing and am planning on taking it with me on my next trip to visit family coming up. I know baby Julia and baby Violet will get good use out of it at my parents house and I am excited about the fact that it won’t take up too much room in the car.

You can purchase the Taggies Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing through Babies ‘R Us. To learn more about Taggies products and promotions you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit the Taggies Website.

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II.  I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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