Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Low Key Birthday

My little guy just turned four years-old and we celebrated this occasion with a very low key family only party. We took him to his favorite place to play. Let him run around to his little heart’s content and then headed home for some yummy pizza, rainbow cupcakes, and presents.  It was perfect!

Normally I go a little overboard with birthdays for my kids. I get on Pinterest and get my craftiness on. I glue and sew and staple like crazy until I have the perfect party… or what I think of as hip and happening party. Not this year. William was scheduled for surgery following his birthday weekend and I was not willing to take on a big huge event right before his surgery.

Ball Pit Party

Air Hockey for Kids

Child Size Merry Go Round

Happy 4th Birthday William!

Now that the birthday celebration is over and done with I have to say it was a blessing to be able to have a low key birthday party. My son had a blast and did not miss the party decorations, favors, or signs one bit. He had fun playing with family and being a four year old boy. Maybe I will take it easy on myself for the next birthday celebration too!

Do you go overboard for birthdays?

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