Saturday, March 9, 2013

Design Board: Whimsical Grey and Yellow Dandelion Nursery

We painted what will soon be the nursery a really soft shade of yellow a couple months back when we were transforming the room into a guest room. Yellow is a pretty neutral color to begin with and could work with a wide variety of themes; I thought it would be a great idea to put together a yellow themed nursery board.

Once I started thinking about the color yellow itself I quickly found myself wrapped up in dandelions. I really love the idea of layering greys and yellows of different shades in one room. Mixing and matching different fabrics and patterns should create depth and interest. The major pieces {crib and glider} would be solid colors to offset the amount of movement going on with patterns elsewhere.

Whimsical Grey and Yellow Dandelion Nursery

1.) Yellow DANDELION Pillow by LittleYellowNest  2.) White Pique Baby Bedding with Gray Trim by New Arrivals  3.) Ruched Throw Pillow (Yellow) by Land of Nod  4.) Handmade Grey and Sunshine Yellow Nursery Mobile by katemaedesigns  5.) Rugs USA Homespun Chevron Rug  6. Dandelion Wall Decal Wall Sticker by decoryourwall  7.) Madison Swivel Glider by babyletto

Why dandelions?  I wanted something simple, something whimsical, and something that I could mix traditional and modern pieces with easily. Dandelions are something I remember looking for and making wishes on as a child and it just seemed like a really fun and sweet nursery theme.

I thought about doing pom poms and paper lanterns in place of the mobile, but I really liked this mobile and the use of the different shades of grey. I guess the same effect could be done with paper lanterns and tissue pom poms using various shades of both yellow and grey. I just wonder where I would put it and how I would hang it?

What do you think?

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