Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

I love hosting {and co-hosting} showers, be it wedding showers or baby showers. I find showers a fun way to celebrate big moments in life and I think that they deserve a little bit of thought and consideration when planning.

One big thing that needs to be thought about prior to throwing a shower is the location. If you are throwing a baby shower in a house you have a lot more free reign to decorate than you would if you were throwing it in a restaurant. For example, when I co-hosted my sister-in-law Wendy’s baby shower it was in a home and I was able to string up baby onsies and pictures of my newborn niece throughout the house as decorations. I highly doubt that the restaurant we will throwing my sister-in-law Krystal’s shower in will let me go tape crazy with strings and onsies.

Each location comes with pluses and minuses. The big one to consider is cost. Throwing a home shower is free, while a location shower usually comes with a deposit for room rental or a minimum purchase package requirement – each place is different. While a home party you have the option to cater or make your own food; a restaurant will take care of all of the cooking, preparation, dishes and so on for you but may be a bit more expensive.

So what can you do for decorations when throwing a shower at a location? Well… each location is different in what they will and will not allow. Some places may not care if you tape up a streamer or two, but my guess is that most places won’t allow it. If the walls and ceiling are off limits the next place I look to make a statement is at the tables and party favors.

I ran across these double bubble balloons with tulle instead of ribbon and I fell in love. If they have enough tulle for the tie then they can float over everyone’s heads without blocking people from talking across the table {huge pet peeve of mine} and still create a really pretty look for the shower. I bet you could even weight them down with candy filled baby bottles in corresponding colors or wooden letters wrapped in tulle.

Double Stuffed Balloon
Double Stuffed Balloon Source: Caesars Party

Another idea is the topiary route. I love topiaries. I think they are classic and this rendition is pretty and simple. I doubt it would be hard to make and I bet making it would be pretty inexpensive.

Topiary Centerpiece
Topiary Centerpiece Source: New Centerpiece Ideas

For my sister’s wedding shower I made Cinderella centerpieces with leftover scrapbook paper, glass vases from the dollar store, little glass slippers, and picture frames with quotes in them. For a baby shower I would use corresponding paper from the invitation to decorate the vases. I would go with a purple flower and inside the picture frames I would put pictures of the mom to be {baby bump shots} or of the couple {both of the parents to be}.

Mom Mart Cinderella Centerpiece

I saw this idea and thought it would be great – as it serves double duty. You can create these little party favor cupcakes with the candy of choice {probably matching color theme} and then place one above each place setting creating a circle of cupcakes at the center of each table. At the end of the shower inform the guests that the cupcakes are delicious party favors and to please take them as they leave {less clean up for the hosts as well}. Cupcake Party Favor
Party Favor Cupcakes Source:

I love this welcome sign and think that it would be great on a gift table as a welcome sign that lets people know where to place the gifts. I think I like this because of the chevron… I am totally on a chevron kick lately. Between that and the mixed vases all painted the same color I am sold!

Anthony and Stork Chevron Baby Shower
Welcome Sign Source: Anthony and Stork

I will be working hard on creating centerpieces and décor for my sister-in-law Krystal’s baby shower that is coming up. Her invitations were Purple and Teal chevron and I will probably be using some of the scrapbook paper to make favors or decorations. I will be sure to post about it once everything is said and done. Until then, I am having a blast getting ideas and making plans. Next up on the agenda will be baby shower games.

Been to a baby shower lately? Did you have a baby shower? If so, what is your favorite baby shower decoration?

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