Saturday, April 28, 2012

All dressed up...

There is something to be said for seeing little kids in dress up clothes. No, I do not mean playing pretend by wearing a stethoscope and taking the temperature of every stuffed animal in the neighborhood. When I say dress up I mean dressing up!

Little man in a tuxedo!

My son is going to be the ring bearer in my little sisters wedding this June. He will wear a tuxedo and he will walk down the aisle {hopefully without incident} carrying a little ring bearer pillow. This will be a fairly good sized wedding and there will be a lot of eyes on him. I am sure that my little center of attention will love it!

This week I took my son to get measured for his tuxedo. It was a very entertaining experience. He laughed when the seamstress measured him, because apparently tape measurers are very ticklish tools. We tried on a sample tuxedo to determine the size he would need and William insisted that he was “Ready to go to work. JUST like daddy.”

I am biased and think that my son is the most handsome little man ever. I was happy to hear that others share my opinions as well… even my son! William expressed his opinion while modeling the tuxedo jacket, “I am handsome, just like daddy. I can go to work too! I can go make money for Thomas and Edward. I’m so handsome.” Well… I tend to agree with him. I think he is handsome and he is the spitting image of his father. I just didn’t realize that he thought this too.

I am always entertained by my children and the things that come out of their mouths. The wedding should be very entertaining. I am curious to see which direction my son takes his role. Is he going to get flustered and become shy? Is he going to strut down the aisle? Will he yell at everyone to stop looking at him? I have learned that as a parent that I can only control so much and that anything can happen.

No matter how the events play out, my son will be one handsome little man all dressed up in his little tuxedo!

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