Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning: reorganizing and refreshing one bathroom at a time #EasterSmiles #CBias


I like to keep a nice clean home. Some may call even me obsessive. Although I like to keep everything picked up and organized, there is one area of the house I tend to avoid. If I were Superman, bathrooms would be my kryptonite. This of course means that they are the areas in my home that need the most work.

I tend to keep a lot of stuff underneath the bathroom sinks in my home. Everything from excess toilet paper to medicine and cleaning supplies can be found in each bathroom of my house. I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom so that I don’t waste time locating supplies. Everything I need is right there and ready for me to tackle the task!

After a quick peek under the bathroom sink in my boys’ bathroom I realized that I need to get a start on my spring cleaning and restock on some cleaning supplies while I was at it. The boys’ bathroom was in need of some serious cleaning and reorganizing.

Before picture of under the sink.

We made a list to keep me on task and from spending frivolously {I tend to buy things I don’t need if I am without a list}. I knew that I needed some new Colgate toothbrushes for the boys, some cleaning supplies, and something to help organize all the stuff under the sink.

With list in hand we headed out the door for a quick shopping trip to Walmart. The children drank their beverages and ate their snacks as I strolled up and down the aisles looking for items on our shopping list. My son had a great time picking out his toothbrushes; it was a hard choice to make. Dora is huge in our house but the SpongeBob toothbrush looked really cool too. Eventually Dora won out.


Colgate Toothbrushes
Colgate Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob

Check out our entire shopping experience in my Google+ album {#EasterSmiles}.
Once home it was time to get cleaning. The children helped me clean and reorganize the bathroom. Once everything was put in its place, we were ready to try out the new toothbrush. After a good scrub, William eventually put away his new Colgate Dora toothbrush in the toothbrush holder.
 To learn more about Colgate please visit them on Twitter, Facebook, or visit their Website.

After picture of under the sink

I find that when I am cleaning a room it is easier to start with a little reorganization. I throw away the items that are expired or out grown. I condense items like shampoos and conditioners that are reaching the bottom of the bottle in order to create more space. I store like items together in bins and discard the unnecessary junk that has migrated under the sink.
Once the under sink area has had a good dose of spring cleaning, I tackle the rest of the bathroom starting from the top and working my way down. I start with the highest surfaces and do the floors last. That way everything I am cleaning doesn’t have to be redone due to dust and dripping.
I am glad that I finally tacked the boys’ bathroom. It was a spring cleaning project that needed to get done. Now I need to tackle my bathroom next!

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