Monday, April 2, 2012

Off to the races: spending time at the Hawthorne race course.

My husband and I like to watch a good horse race. There is something so invigorating about watching the horses take off and run all out towards the finish line. It is even more fun when you have picked a winner and you have someone to cheer for!

My husband and I both like to spend some time looking over the program. We like to check out the statistics and history of the horses racing. We like to learn more about jockeys and how they ride. We especially like it when a rider is on a hot streak!

For my husband’s birthday this weekend we spent the afternoon at Hawthorne Race Course. We wandered around the race course facilities did some people watching. We even did some walking down by the starting gates and had the opportunity to see the horses being loaded up for a couple of races.

Part of the reason why I like to watch a horse race is because I love horses. I think that they are magnificent creatures with an immense amount of strength and poise. I never wanted a pony growing up, but that is because I had family that owned horses. I think they are splendid and I love to watch them.

My husband on the other hand is not a fan of horses. He believes that horses are not a fan of his either and that they have an understanding. I think the appeal of the horse race for him is all about reading the program, analyzing the statistics, and making an educated guess as to the outcome of a race.

Either way, win or lose, we end up having a good time. April 7th is the Illinois Derby at the Hawthorne race course. Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend, but it should be a good show. There are some really good contenders for the Kentucky Derby running this race {or so I am told by my husband}.

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