Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial: Perfect for story time and picnic play-dates!

I love throw blankets. I especially love the no sew fleece blankets that I can make myself. I have given them as gifts to several friends and family and I own several of them myself as well. They are my favorite blankets to use. They are soft, breathable, and perfect for story time. My little guys also love to use them as blankets for impromptu picnics.

What you need:
The yardage of the fleece is dependent on how big you want your blanket. For a child 1- 1½ yards is perfect. For an adult 2 is preferable.

·         1-2  yards of fleece in the pattern of choice
      ·         1-2 yards of fleece in a complimenting solid color
      ·         Scissors.

How to make it:

1.      Lay both pieces of fabric on the floor {or a table} with the right sides facing out so you can see them.

2.      Carefully cut off the selvage {the rolled edges of the fabric}. Doing this with both pieces together makes the edges of both fabrics match up.

3.      With your fabric together, cut a 4 in x 4 in square from each corner. Do this on all 4 corners {you are cutting both pieces of fabric at the same time}.

4.      Using your scissors, cut the fabric into strips. You will cut 4 inches deep at 1 inch intervals all the way down each side of the blanket {you are still cutting both pieces of fabric at the same time}.

NOTE: The strips do not have to be precise. You can eyeball this. If you feel the need to measure to be exact, you can. But it is not necessary.

5.      Once the entire fringe is cut start tying hand knots. Make sure that you go in order and do not skip any pieces.

6.      Once the knots are all tied it is time to start using your new blanket! ENJOY!

This was a fun activity for me and my son to do together. I took him to the fabric store and let him pick out the fabric for his blanket. Of course he picked out neon orange and a dinosaur print! Once home he helped me line up the fabric and cut off the selvage. This was a fun project to work on with my son. It was easy and clean!

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