Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

My family loves holidays. We embrace them with open arms and enthusiasm. One tradition that my husband’s family particularly enjoy is the Easter egg hunt.

The neighborhood that my husband grew up in holds an Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood boys and girls. They take plastic eggs and stuff them with treats and hide them all over a park. The younger children are given a three minute head start to find eggs and then it is a free for all! It is a lot of fun and only lasts about five minutes.

I am sure that the people who put this on put in a lot of work into it, and it shows. The egg hunt is run very smoothly. Directions are given multiple times before the hunt begins. There is face painting and the Easter bunny makes an appearance as well. It is a lot of fun for the children and a great photo opportunity for the parents!

The eggs are everywhere! There are eggs hidden on fence posts, on slides, and all over the ground. There are a lot of eggs and there are a lot of children wanting to get them all! Although my baby boy only snagged a couple eggs, his big brother went bananas finding eggs. His basket was filled with eggs and he just wanted to keep going!

We will be having another Easter egg hunt on Easter as well. We will be going to church and then visiting the in-laws for a big dinner, Easter egg dying, and a small family Easter egg hunt. It should be quite messy and a lot of fun.

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