Monday, April 16, 2012

My attempt at a spa-like bathroom:

I have a nice size master bathroom. There is a whirlpool bathtub that I adore and a separate shower that gets used daily. It is not a huge bathroom but by no means is it tiny. And yet I have struggled with my master bathroom for a quite some time now.

The space that has given me the most difficulty is that spot right behind my bathtub. It is a corner that serves no purpose and is not big enough to put anything substantial in. That and my three-year-old likes to pretend that my bathroom is his personal jungle gym; so anything I put in my bathroom needs to be toddler-proof!

So I spent a while browsing images of bathrooms online and I started to notice a pattern. The bathrooms that I was drawn to over and over again all had some type of greenery as well as a display of towels. Some even had glass containers filled with soaps and salts. These accessories gave the bathroom the spa-like feeling that I find relaxing and appealing.

So what was I waiting for? I grabbed my 20% off Kohl’s coupon and hit the road for a little mini bathroom makeover shopping trip this weekend. I already had the basket {thanks to my reorganizing and refreshing efforts in the boys’ bathroom last week}; I just needed some nice fresh white hand towels to go inside the basket as well as a pretty potted plant.

The very first place I check whenever I go to a store is the clearance aisle. Items in clearance are usually marked down much lower than even sale prices and at Kohl’s you get to take an additional 20% off of those prices too {with coupon}! I hit the jackpot. I bought five clearance hand towels and found a beautiful potted orchid all on clearance. I saved over $100 by shopping clearance and using a coupon. I think my shopping efforts played off.

Before when I walked into my bathroom my eye was drawn to the toilet and sink. Now when I walk into the bathroom my eye is automatically drawn to the whirlpool tub and my bath time accessories. I think that my attempt at a spa-like bathroom went well. It was a simple inexpensive quick fix that really makes my bathroom feel spa-like {at least I think it does}.

I know paint is another great way to change the feel of a bathroom, but with our home on the market I am thinking more in terms of staging and de-cluttering my home than taking on a messy painting project. I have some great ideas for my next home and they involve horizontal stripes in a neutral color! But that will have to wait until we move. Until then I will make do with quick fixes and simple accessories.

What do you think?

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  1. I love how it looks! Very spa like. I'm sure staging it will draw your potential buyers to look at that awesome tub!! Love your new design too, you did a great job. :)


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