Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meeting C-3PO and R2-D2 for the first time!

Saying hello to Star Wars droids!

I am sure that my husband has been waiting on pins and needles for our boys to show an interest in Star Wars. After all he owns a ridiculous amount of Star Wars toys from his own childhood that he can pass down to his children when they are ready…. The question is are they ready?

While visiting the library this week my son noticed the C-3PO and R2-D2 cardboard cutouts they have on display and became instantly enthralled. They look very cool from a distance and even cooler up close {of course they did}!

My son asked me what they were. I told him that “these were not the droids he was looking for” with a sweep of my hand and a giggle. Although he did not get the joke, I was very entertained. I explained as best I could about a little movie called Star Wars and the characters that are a part of the film. My son seemed to be satisfied with my answer – my husband would not have been satisfied with my answer at all. Oh well.

I asked him if he wanted a picture next to the droids and he said YES! Smiling cheek to cheek he posed for his close up and then moved onto the next nearby cutout. He pointed to a cardboard astronaut and asked what that was. After explaining that it was a person who flew in a rocket I was informed that it was too scary. He headed back over to the droids to push some cardboard buttons.

I think that he is still too small for the Star Wars toys, but he will eventually get there and when he does it will be all consuming! He has shown an interest in Star Wars, but it was fleeting. He is way too young for the movies. When the time is right we will open that can of worms and see where it leads us.

I am starting to rethink the playroom theme… I can see a wampa rug in my future. It could be a little man cave for the kids and my hubby. I think that I will create a theme board. I love theme boards!

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