Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding out the Baby’s Gender

Baby Girl or Baby Boy Gender Reveal

When people find out that you are pregnant they usually immediately follow up with the question “Do you know what you are having?” or “Is it a boy or a girl?” This is pretty typical, or at least this has been my experience when sharing my news. I do not find this question insulting or nosy. Heck, I am probably guilty of doing this too!

While some people choose to keep the gender of their baby a secret, I feel the need to know.  I am a planner and an organizer and I am way to type-A to not find out. I like to nest. I like to buy clothes and baby gear. I like to get the nursery decorated. I like being able to refer to the child growing in my belly by name. There are about a gazillion and one reasons why I feel the need to know. Mostly, it is just because I simply lack the patience to wait and be surprised.

My sister-in-law did not find out the gender of her baby when she was pregnant and got the most curious responses from people about this choice. Ranging from simple “Oh that’s nice” to looks of shock and incredulity. Some people seemed to be angry over the fact that she wasn’t finding out {I found this reaction the most ridiculous, because really… why is HER decision to find out or not find out the gender of her baby any of YOUR business}.  I have heard from many people who did not find out the gender of their baby that there are not very many true surprises in life and being able to have this genuine honest to God surprise was an amazing experience.

I think being surprised with the gender of your baby upon delivery is really cool. It is just not something I choose to do. There was a time {not too long ago} that this was the way things were done. This was before ultra sounds became so common practice and before there was such thing as a 3D or 4D ultrasound.  So I am pretty thankful that science and technology has advanced enough for me to find out my baby’s gender.

Since I am finding out this week I thought it would be fun to have a gender poll and let you guess the baby’s gender. What do you think Boy? Or Girl? You can participate in the gender poll via the Mom Mart Facebook Page. I would love to see everyone’s guesses!

I am not hoping one way or the other. We have a name picked out for both a little boy and a little girl. I know that since I already have two boys it is statistically more likely that this third baby will be a boy as well, but you never know. Part of me would really like to have a little girl and part of me is terrified at the idea. I will be happy with whatever God has planned for us. I am just excited to find out!

Did you find out the gender of your baby?

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