Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not your classic grilled cheese sandwich

I have been on a cold weather hot meal kick lately. I love soups and I love hot sandwiches. And while I am a huge fan of grilled cheese, the traditional grilled cheese sandwich just has not been cutting it for me lately. So I decided to spice things up a bit today and take a chance.

I thought I would raid my fridge and see what came about… dangerous, I know. Especially after spending some time on Pinterest this morning ogling over brie and hazelnut and pear grilled cheese and every variance in between. Some of which I pinned to try at a later date.

Since lunch time was fast approaching there would be no quick trips to the grocery store to pick up must have items for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. It was make or break time and I went a little cheese happy. So what did I make? Not your classic grilled cheese sandwich, that’s for sure. First things first, I had to check out my cheese situation in order to decide on the flavor I wanted to go for. I had shredded low fat mozzarella cheese, sliced provolone, and American cheese…hhmmmm. Combine the power of multiple cheeses, or stick with one? Who was I kidding, the more cheese the merrier!

After a quick glance at my condiment section I decided that the ranch was out- I have been eating a lot of raw veggies in ranch sauce lately and I wanted something a little nuttier. I decided to use my pesto sauce as a spread for my sandwich, it had been a while since I have eaten pesto {hubby is not a fan}. So I threw some stuff on the counter and went to work making my ultimate grilled cheese pesto sandwich. Sounds yummy, right? It totally was… I ate two.

Ultimate Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What you need:
2  slices of bread per sandwich (I use whole wheat bread)
Basil pesto sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Sliced provolone cheese
Tomato (I used vine ripened tomatoes and sliced them thinly)
Butter or olive oil – depending on how you choose to cook.

Make it:
how to make a pesto grilled cheese sandwichButter one side of each slice of bread (*optional* if you like you can instead use olive oil drizzled directly on the skillet to cook the sandwich)

Spread the pesto sauce on one slice of the bread -not on the buttered side.

Sprinkle a handful (roughly 1/4 cup) of the shredded mozzarella cheese on the pesto sauce.

Place sliced tomatoes on top of the shredded mozzarella cheese.

Next, put the slice of provolone cheese on top of the tomato slices.

Place the other piece of bread on top to make the sandwich (butter side facing out).

Cook the sandwich on a skillet over medium heat. Flip the sandwich over after 2-3 minutes, or when the sandwich has turned a golden brown and the cheese has melted around the edges.

While I don’t believe that I am breaking the mold here with this variation on the grilled cheese sandwich, I do feel that it is different enough to warrant sharing and delicious enough to warrant a blog post. Seriously, I went back and made another sandwich because the first one was so yummy. I would love to hear what you think.

Do you have a “not your average grilled cheese sandwich” that you love?

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