Friday, January 18, 2013

Kid Craft: Volcano Vacation

I told you last week that I was planning on trying out more kid crafts with the children in order to keep us sane this winter. Since we are stuck indoors a lot we will be getting crafty more and more often - at least this is the goal. I am happy to say that we stuck with it and had ourselves a good time in the process.

This week’s indoor activity for the kids involved a little science. We made some volcanoes and then we made them erupt. I call this little activity Volcano Vacation. We make volcanoes and it is a vacation from the ordinary… that and I am a fan of alliteration.

Volcano Recipe:
Vinegar {we used white vinegar}
Baking Soda
Food Coloring
Eye Dropper
Baking Sheet {or cake pan}

Pour some vinegar into a bowl {this is totally dependent on how long you want to do this activity. We poured about ¼ cup of vinegar into four separate containers so that we could do this activity for a while and use multiple colors}

Add a few drops of food coloring into the bowl or vinegar.

In a baking sheet {or cake pan} pour a layer of baking soda. You can make little volcano piles too.

Use the eye dropper to transfer the colored vinegar to the baking soda volcanoes and watch them erupt!

My older son was able to fill up the eyedropper and release it on the volcano all by himself. My youngest son {who turns two in April} needed help filling the eyedropper, but was able to squeeze it over the baking soda without any problems. Both of the boys LOVED making the volcanoes explode!

This was super easy to clean up. With a little soap and water the bowls and baking sheet {cake pan} were sparkling again. The best part about this activity is that my home did not take on that awful vinegar smell – I was needlessly worried. We will definitely be doing this kid craft again.

Have you and/or your children ever made a homemade volcano?

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