Friday, June 28, 2013

Bored Jar Free #Printable

I have been working on creating a Bored Jar for quite some time now. I wanted to create a list of activities that had a variety and would come from items found around the house. What I really wanted was a list that I could print off that gave me all of the information I needed right there – no searching the internet for further instruction required.

Winter can be long and boring and cabin fever usually takes hold long before spring is anywhere nearby. There are also days during the summer when it is rainy and gross outside and the kids are bouncing off the walls and I just need some sanity time… enter the bored jar.

Bored Jar Printable

I have created a Google document for you {my readers} to be able to easily print off this list for yourself - FOR FREE. Feel free to print this off and use it!

I have been working on the activities for this bored jar for a while and have had a chance to complete each and every craft and activity. This list ranges from painting projects to games. I am happy with our little list and think that each of these activities is work repeating. The original list consisted of a lot more crafts for kids… but not everything turned out well enough to include.

I have only included projects that my family has completed themselves SUCESSFULLY.  Projects that did not turn out so well were removed from the original list. For example, our venture into puffy paint was a complete and total joke and ended up being a frustrating flop. Each of these activities and crafts can be found on Mom Mart in individual blog posts. If you would like to see tutorials or a more in depth look at each craft just click on the links below and you will be taken to the post.

List of Bored Jar Activities and Crafts for Kids

To create the bored jar: print off the free printable, cut out the list into single slips of projects, fold the paper strips and place them in an empty container {feel free to decorate the container}, let the kids reach in and pick a project whenever they are “bored”.  Each project on the sheet has simple directions written right on the list so that you should not need to go looking for more information when it comes time to complete the tasks.

I would love to hear how these projects worked out for you as well, so feel free to come back and leave some feedback.

Have you ever had a bored jar?

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