Monday, February 20, 2012

And the Academy Award goes to…

I love award the award season. Every year I try to watch all of the big contenders so that I am prepared to cast my vote when the time comes. Sometimes I am completely mystified as to why a movie was nominated – sometimes I am simply mystified about what a movie is supposed to be about {The Tree of Life???}.

On the rare occasions that I get to go out and have a date night with my husband I usually head to a movie theater. This photograph was taken at a local theater. They are obviously just as excited about the Oscars as I am.

I love filling out my ballot and watching with eager anticipation for those magical envelopes to be opened up. I fill out my form and compare notes with friends and family. I argue for my favorites tooth and nail.

I have no idea why I like this so much. I have no say in who wins and I get genuinely discouraged when someone who should have won -hands down- gets passed over. Why do I let myself get emotionally involved? It is ridiculous, but I just cannot seem to help myself.

Although I will not divulge who I think will walk away with those little Oscars, I will tell you that my fingers are crossed for Viola Davis and The Help. That movie was fantastic and definitely one that I would watch again and again.

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Academy Awards

Chocolate pie, anyone?

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