Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dream Home Wish List

We are getting ready to put our house on the market and I cam both excited and nervous. I love my current home. I love almost everything about it. My husband and I (as well as various family members) have put a lot of hard work into making my current house a great home to live in. Sadly, we have outgrown this home and are in need of something a little bit bigger.

I am excited about the prospect of what moving might bring. I love looking at houses and frequently look online to see what is out there. I enjoy the process of making a house a home. I enjoy fixing up old houses and making them mine. Give me a nail gun and an air compressor and point me in the right direction. The possibilities are endless!

I am nervous about putting my home on the market because selling my home is going to be completely disruptive to my family’s schedule. I can just see interrupted nap times and cranky children in my future. Having my home on the market is also going to mean that my home needs to be immaculate at all times. This is easier said than done with two little boys (I know it CAN be done, it just won’t be EASY).

One of the big items on my dream home wish list is a big backyard with a composite decking. If the yard has no deck, I will be putting one in. Why is this important to me? Growing up my family had a big backyard where we spent time playing croquet and volleyball as a family. We grilled out on the deck and relaxed as a family. I want this for my family.

I also remember scrubbing down the deck, painting the deck, and getting splinters from the deck. This was the not-so-fun part of having a deck. I will be going with composite instead of wood for this very reason.  My big beautiful dream deck would not be complete without composite railing, because I am a big believer in being safe. And my backyard would be incomplete without my white picket composite fencing 

Since my boys are outdoor loving kids having a big backyard, a deck with railing, and a fenced in yard (for future possible pets) is a big deal. When the weather is nice my family spends a majority of our time outdoors. Now onto the inside of my dream home…

My dream home would have a minimum of four bedrooms with an in law suite on the first floor for guests. There would be 2 ½ bathrooms (or more) and the master suite would have a big bathtub. The kitchen would be spacious and would open to the family room so that I can still visit with family when working in the kitchen. My dream home would probably be a little outdated so that I don’t feel guilty about fixing it up and making it over to suit my taste.

I am having so much fun making my dream home wish list. I know that in reality I am not going to get everything I want. But I think that it is important to go into this process having an idea of what I want and what I can expect to get for what I am willing to pay. I just have to remember to be flexible.

Do you have a dream home wish list? If so, what is the major want on your wish list? New kitchen? Big back yard?

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