Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 366 Day 34 of One Photo A Day: My Workout Partner

My toddler loves to do whatever mommy does. If I eat something new, he will try it. If I start dancing in the kitchen, he starts to shake it. If I grab a resistance band and start toning, he grabs a resistance band and gets to work too!

I have always heard that children mimic what they see and hear, but I have never been more entertained by my son as a workout partner.

William: Mommy I want to play too.
Mom: I am not playing honey. Mommy is working out.
William: I want to work out too.
Mom: Okay.

William: Can I have that toy.
Mom: It is not a toy. It is a resistance band. It is for exercising.
William: I need it.

Mom: You can have one too; here take the green one…

--------------------------------WORKING OUT--------------------------------

William: This is too hard mommy. I need some water {he takes a drink of water than looks at me covered in sweat}. Mommy you need some water too. You did good.
Mom: Well thank you honey. You did a good job too!
William: I’m the best!

Project 366 Day 34 of One Photo A Day


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