Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mail Call!

We are recovering from the flu in our house and the road to recovery is paved in cardboard boxes. I love getting mail. One of my favorite sights to see is the Fed Ex, USPS, and UPS trucks stopping in front of my house.
I do not get mail like this every day. But when I do get big fabulous boxes I do a little happy dance. Even if I am sick, there is a happy dance!

William was super excited about our delivery as well. He kept asking mommy to open the boxes. He kept telling me that there were trains inside… what? There are no trains in these boxes. There are diapers, more diapers, wipes, and dishwasher detergent… ooh! And a new KidKraft play Kitchen!

Needless to say our house was a happy house today.

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