Monday, February 27, 2012

Opening gifts gracefully… with a toddler?

This weekend was my son’s 3rd birthday party. We had a train themed birthday party with Thomas the tank engine sprinkled throughout. My son is all about Thomas and could not have been more excited about his big birthday party!

He wanted to show everyone that came in the door his birthday cake before they were allowed to go anywhere and do anything. He was brought to tears when one little guest would not accompany him upstairs to look at his cake. Guess who was on the cake? Yup, Thomas!

William had so much fun playing with his friends, showing off his decorations, displaying his birthday cake, and building tracks to new destinations with the help of his peers. When it came time to open gifts though, he did not have to be told twice. My son was front and center ready to tear into some wrapping paper and unveil all his new train paraphernalia.  

Not every gift he received on his birthday was Thomas themed. In fact, quite a lot of his gifts were non-train related at all. For example, mom and dad {me and the hubby} bought William a sleeping bag and a basketball as well as some other smaller items.

No matter what William opened, he would tear into the paper and say “Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!” over and over again. When what he opened was a Thomas item, he would hoot and holler with excitement and take a minute to inspect the gift. When the present he opened was not a Thomas item, he would say “Ooohh. It’s not Thomas.” Then he would unceremoniously put aside the gift and start on the next one.

Talk about embarrassing! What a turkey! It probably did not help that we were all laughing at his over excitement for all things Thomas and his complete lack of interest in all things non-Thomas. I think that he must have thought that since he was having a train themed party that all of his gifts were going to be train related… That or he was really in a Thomas the tank engine mood and nothing but Thomas would do.

I guess we will be having a discussion on proper gift opening etiquette.  I most certainly do not want a repeat of his birthday performance.

What would you do or say to your child to elicit better gift opening behavior? I am open to opinions and suggestions!

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