Saturday, February 4, 2012

A giftless Valentine's Day for the whole family to enjoy!

As much as I like chocolate and flowers, I have decided that Valentine’s Day this year is going to be more about the love and less about the stuff I should buy. Since I am a stay at home mother I live on a budget and my budget does not include fancy gifts. As much as I like fun fancy gifts, it just is not in the cards for this year.

February 14th falls on a Tuesday, so I will be home with my children for Valentine’s Day. I want a fun filled day for everyone with arts and crafts and cooking projects. I want to make sure that my children have fun with this holiday. I remember having so much fun on Valentine’s Day making Valentine’s for everyone in my class and doing a fun art project in school. Valentine’s Day became complicated only when I became an adult. So… I am bringing this holiday back to the kids.

Here is the game plan:

I am planning on making a fun breakfast for the whole family. More likely than not it will be a themed breakfast. Maybe I will make heart shaped pancakes or heart shapes breakfast sandwiches. Ooohh I think a Valentine’s Day eggs in a basket would be adorable. We will see.

Then in the morning we will be doing some fun projects. Maybe some hand print artwork in the shape of hearts. We might even go on a scavenger hunt for rocks to paint.  We will probably throw in some heart garland of some kind. A must will be making valentines for everyone.

We will have a themed lunch of course with heart shapes sandwiches and cookie cutter heart shaped fruits and cheeses. If we are especially well behaved there will be valentine themed treats to eat too!

After nap time it will be time to wrap up whatever art projects we have been working on. Once all is said and done {strung up and cleaned up} it will be time for the baking project. I am thinking heart shaped brownie bites or making a dark chocolate fondue to dip strawberries in… Something a little healthy so that I get to eat some too!

For dinner we will for sure be making my favorite, spaghetti! Nothing says romance to me like a spaghetti dinner. I know it is not heart shaped, but maybe I will get out the cookie cutter for the garlic bread.

After dinner will be bath time for the boys. Because after a spaghetti dinner a bath is a requirement is not an option, but a must! Once everyone is all scrubbed up and in their pajamas it will be time to watch open valentines and watch The Lady and the Tramp. Then it will be bed time for the boys and the day will be done.

I feel that there is a lot of pressure to get the perfect gift or to do and say the perfect romantic thing for Valentine’s Day. For me that is not what Valentine’s Day is about. That is why this Valentine’s Day there will be a no gift policy in my home. Instead of buying the perfect present we will have a day of experiences. We will do, create, and enjoy. Mort likely there will be a big mess to clean up, but hopefully there will also be a lot of laughter.

Don't worry, I will be sharing the arts, crafts, and recipes that we do with you.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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