Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Riding in Style

I had the pleasure of taking care of my niece Abby this morning and I must say that she is too cute! As a mother of two boys I do not get to do all the fun things that mothers of little girls get to do. I am okay with this most of the time because my boys are fantastic and I adore them.

I am perfectly content with my rough and tumbling little monsters and enjoy the fact that my boys like to play and get dirty and make messes. I don’t worry about them ruining their clothing with paint or mud. They are boys… that is what boys do.

Little girls get adorable clothing sets, ruffled bloomers, headbands, tutus, bows, barrettes, and frilly socks. Boys have choo choo trains and dinosaurs. Since I do not get to go bananas accessorizing my boys wardrobes, I accessorize via baby gear. I love it. One of my favorite things to do is talk to other mothers about baby gear. It is addictive!

I love talking shop with moms about the best and worst baby gear. I was at an adult only party this weekend at a friend’s house and I found myself discussing car seats, highchairs, and strollers with several sets of parents. We discussed what baby gear they use, what I use, products I have tried and loved, products I want to try, and what products to avoid like the plague.

I was child-free at a party and I could not stop talking about baby gear. What’s more, I couldn’t stop myself from sucking in every newbie parent to join in this conversation. I was THAT person. A little cluster of us parents sat around discussing baby gear in depth while the party went on around us {oops}. It was great and I had a great time. What can I say; I am a baby gear enthusiast.

Right now my enthusiasm is all about the strollers. I love them. I love all of the different options out there and I love seeing the latest and greatest on the market. Especially when it comes to double strollers. I recently won a Mountain Buggy Duet giveaway and have been taking advantage of the warm winter weather {isn’t that an oxymoron?} to get out and about with the children.

Today my sister-in-law and I packed the babies in the Duet and took a stroll around the neighborhood and down to the park. William ran ahead and the babies sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the smooth ride {Don’t worry- there will be a review of this stroller soon}. I think next time we head out we will attach the freerider too. I love baby gear and the children love it too.

Project 366

Project 366 Day 46 of One Photo A Day
Mountain Buggy Duet
What is your favorite baby gear product? What one thing makes you life as a parent easier and more efficient?

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