Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things at the park!

I must say that I love this nice weather that Illinois has been having. It isn’t warm, but it is way warmer than it usually is in February. This week alone we have hit the park on three separate occasions for a little outside play time.

The boys both love swinging in the swings and running around on the play set. I have a couple fantastic parks right around my home that I frequent with the boys during the summer. Since it has been so nice outside we decided to take a walk to the park this morning to play. William rode his scooter and I strolled along with Steven in the stroller.

Once at the park William went bananas. If there was a slide to go down, he went down it. If there was a ladder or rock wall to climb, he climbed it. I let him go a little crazy for a while. He definitely needed to run off some energy.

Once William had discovered all there was to discover (which is not a whole lot considering the size of the park –small) he wound his way back to me and the baby. I put both the kids in a swing and got down to the serious business of swinging on the swings with my children.  
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Playground Fun

What a fabulous way to spend the morning. I love being outside and I love being able to let my kids run around and burn off some energy. One of my favorite outdoor activities is playing at the park. There is always something to explore. There is always a game to be played. It is always fun, especially now that there is two of them.  

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