Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grabbing lunch on the go with children in tow!

I am not one for wasting money and usually prefer to make my meals at home. I like to try new recipes and I really like saving money. I love to cook, it is the cleaning up after the cooking that leaves me cross eyed.

On days where I am out and about with the kids and time has slipped away from us I will stop off somewhere and grab a quick bite to eat for lunch. I prefer to go through the drive-thru and restaurants that do not have a drive-thru are ones that I usually avoid.

I love the drive-thru. Whoever invented the idea of the drive-thru has made it to the top of my favorite person list. As much fun as unbuckling my children from their car seats is, I try not to do this task unless truly necessary. It is not always easy to buckle them back in.  God only gave me two hands. I really need three or four; on for carrying the baby, one for carrying my purse, and another one for holding my toddlers hand while navigating the  parking lot… Oops, I forgot that I also need one to open doors {because for some reason people have stopped opening doors for women carrying babies}.

This morning was so beautiful outside that I took my children to a nearby park. They had a great time playing with other children and running wild! Time just slipped away from us and before I knew it we were well past lunch time and in need of a quick bite to eat before nap time.

Across the street from this park is a Panera Bread, solution found! I immediately started drooling over the different salads and the yummy soups. I pulled into the parking lot, looked out, and realized that I would have to take the kids out of the car and play the oh so fun balancing act game of taking everyone inside to order… was it worth it?

I really wanted a soup and salad. So I unbuckled everyone, played the balancing act game, and brought everyone inside to buy lunch. I bribed my son for good behavior. I told William that if he stayed right next to mommy and behaved like a gentleman he could pick out whichever cookie he wanted.

Project 366 Day 60 of One Photo A Day
Panera Cookie
Project 366

Needless to say, William was the picture of perfection. He stood by me the entire time waiting patiently. He picked out the Easter Egg Cookie, it was the biggest and most colorful {why am I not surprised?}.

I have decided that if there was a Panera Bread close by that had a drive-thru, I would eat there all the time! I love their food. Unfortunately, they do not do drive-thru windows {at least not where I live}. As yummy as the food was to eat today, I do not see myself hauling the kids in and out of the car and all around the store very often.

Where is your favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat?

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