Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mobility: The ups and downs of learning to walk.

My little baby boy is learning to walk. He is now 11 months old and he is taking unassisted steps all by himself! This is both a blessing and a nightmare for me. With two little boys running rampant around the house I have a feeling I am going to be even more exhausted than usual!

The blessing of my son learning to walk is that he is progressing developmentally right on “schedule” {I put schedule in quotation because there is no set schedule when it comes to a child’s development. -Take a deep breath- Every child learns and grows differently.}. So… my child is moving in the right direction and learning to walk, fantastic!

What this really means is that I won’t have to carry him everywhere anymore. Pretty soon he will be able to hold my hand and walk with me. My arms and back are thankful in advance – he is a little over 20lbs.

The nightmare of this situation is that pretty soon I will have two little boys both able to run in opposite directions! Mom only has two legs and unfortunately they both move in the same direction. I will be stuck in the predicament of choosing which child to chase?!? Aaakkk!

I am sure that it won’t be nearly as bad as the worst case scenario running through my head. I am sure that my boys will listen and follow directions and not go crazy and bounce off the walls. Here is hoping, right?

Either way, I am enjoying the heck out of this stage in Steven life. There is nothing more adorable than a little baby turning into a toddler. Watching my peanut gain confidence with each step he takes is something I would not trade for the world.

Project 366 Day 61 of One Photo A Day
Project 366

Learning to walk is also highly entertaining for me due to the emergence of my son’s personality through this experience.  He will take two steps, stop to gain his balance, grunt with determination, and then take two more steps before plopping down and power crawling to the object of his attention.  It is called baby steps for a reason. He is definitely a character!

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