Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Learning how to eat is a messy business!

My little baby boy is learning how to eat and is having a blast and a half with this stage of his life. Sometimes he will pick things up with his fingers one piece at a time. And then there are those days when he is really hungry and the whole hand goes in the mouth.

He is having a lot of fun discovering new tastes and textures. He knows when it is time to eat and he is vocal about it! He has definite preferences already and is not shy about telling us exactly what he thinks.

Unwanted food –thrown on the floor.
Sweet food – shoveled in the mouth with both hands.
Food smeared with stuff- delicate bites.

When I am eating something that he wants he will sit in his chair and yell at me. He will continue to yell at me until he gets what he wants. I am trying to teach him some signs, but he is rather effective with the yelling. I am not sure he will be willing to give that up anytime soon. Here is hoping!

Learning to eat
Project 366 Day 65 of One Photo A Day
Project 366

I get that learning to eat can be messy. Right now I am very envious of those people who have dogs.

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