Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The technologically exasperating gas station situation

Gas Station TechnologyWhen did pumping gas become so incredibly technical? I don’t typically have to deal with this chore myself and have gotten used to just assuming that my tank is full. Usually my husband fills up my gas tank for me on the weekends {I am spoiled}. This week I was the one filling up my own tank.

My little “go get gas NOW” light blinked on telling me I was on empty and needed gas right away. I pulled into the nearest station, got out of the car, and looked dumbfounded at the computer/gas pump. There are two places to swipe your credit card and two keyboards and one monitor showing me commercials and a place that prints receipts {that didn’t work}?!?
I have heard about credit card identity theft where people’s information has been stolen at a gas station from the pumps. Simply swiping your card at the wrong place can get your credit card number phished. Sadly I do not even know what to look for to protect myself from this. If I wasn’t on empty I would have driven somewhere a little less complicated. But unfortunately I was on empty and I needed gas in my tank right then and there. 

So I swiped my card and wished for the best. My peanuts were sitting in the car talking to each other and holding hands {I had about three to four minutes before they would start screaming}. Nothing happened. I swiped my card in the other credit card swiper and then started pushing buttons. After about two minutes of mild irritation and talking smack to the gas pump I got it to work.

Upon completion I requested a receipt. I pressed the yes button, then I pressed the print receipt button, then I just gave up. They could keep the silly receipt. I was sick and tired of this chore, my children’s patience had run out, and we were all ready for lunch and nap-time. I will be avoiding this chore in the future.

Here is my question to you, when did gas pumps get so complicated?

I mean really? Does there need to be two places to swipe your credit card? Why are there two number pads? Why do I have to listen/watch commercials while pumping my gas? This is incredibly annoying.  Do the gas companies make money from those commercials and if so, shouldn’t the gas price be going down? Aaakk! This added technology is unnecessary and irritating. It does not uncomplicated my life in the least.

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