Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Every child is different.

I love both of my children. They are both happy healthy little boys who love to laugh and play. They play incredibly well together, especially when considering their two year age difference. But when it comes to interacting and socializing with others, my children could not be more different. They are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

My firstborn son is an attention hog. He demands attention wherever he goes. He is not crazy obnoxious about it, but he will say “excuse me; it’s my turn to talk” when he is ready to have his say.  He is definitely not a timid child. In fact, I would call him a born performer! Thank goodness I find him extremely entertaining and adorable.

My sonMy second son is quiet and more reserved. I would go so far as to say that he is shy. He is a complete mommy’s boy, but I cannot really blame him for that when his mommy is the one person he is around 24/7. He is rarely cared for by anyone other than myself and can get a little clingy when he thinks that I am going somewhere without him. The personality difference between my two boys is astounding to me.

William {the firstborn} will walk right up to a little girl and say, “Excuse me pretty girl, would you like to play?” – Yes he really does call the girls he talks to pretty girl to their faces. Steven on the other hand will stop whatever he is doing to observe the new person in his environment. He plops right down on the ground and will sit and watch what is going on. He will not walk, crawl, or move until he determines that all is well.

I know that each and every child is different and that each child has a personality of their own. I am just surprised at how truly different my children are from one another. I don’t remember William being shy at all. He may have pretended to be shy to flirt with the ladies, but I do not remember him ever really being bashful. I find this quality in Steven endearing and it makes me wasn’t to snuggle and cuddle with him even more. He is my exceptional little snuggle bug and I adore his unique personality!

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