Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is in the air!

My child playing at the park.
Spring is definitely in the air in my home. I feel the need to scrub and clean and make my home sparkle. Although this may have more to do with the possibility of a last minute phone call to show my home than an actual feeling of newness and fresh beginnings that spring elicits.

Either way I am embracing the spring fever in my household by giving my carpets a good scrub and taking the kids to play at the park. I forget every winter how much I love the warmer weather months for the mere opportunity of taking my children outdoors and letting them run wild!

Yes- I am that mom. Once the seatbelts are off and the children have entered the playground I let them run and play to their little heart’s content. Run, jump, skip, hop, swing, and climb… you name it my boys are doing it all and giving it 110%. There is no resting on their laurels when there is a park to play at.

I remember being a little kid and going bananas over parks and playgrounds. I was thankfully born into a semi-large family where I had built in friends to play with. My brothers and sisters were always up for spending time at the park when we were little.

I think my mother had the right idea, turn five children loose at the park for a couple hours and let them wear themselves out. I get the best naps from my children after a morning romping through the jungle gym. I adore a good naptime!

What I think I find most entertaining about park time with children, or at least my children, is the excitement they exhibit for everything. My son will be doing one thing while pointing and talking about the next thing he wants to do. This photo captures it perfectly. We are teeter-tottering and he is already discussing his next excursion through a tunnel. God bless children!

What do you look forward to most in the spring?

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