Thursday, March 8, 2012

There is a circus in town and my son is the clown!

My little boy is a comedian. He loves to get a laugh out of people and once a laugh has been had he keeps going back for more. He is definitely the first born in our family and his personality demands attention!

This morning my son decided that he was going to be a clown. No... he literally wanted to be a clown. He made himself a clown hat and paraded around the basement telling mommy and Steven that we were at the circus. We were informed to applaud accordingly.

William took some stackable bowls and placed them on his head. He sat in daddy’s chair and told me that I needed a clown hat too. So he took off his hat, removed one of the layers, and handed me my clown hat to wear. Once we were both properly attired I was told that it was time to laugh.

So I did. I laughed at how entertaining my son is and how simple and infectious a laugh and a smile can be.
My little clown
Project 366 Day 67 of One Photo A Day

Project 366

What entertaining thing does your child do to demand attention?

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  1. He's too cute!! I love how easily kids can make us laugh!


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