Saturday, March 17, 2012

TurboFire: Week 8


This week has been crazy! Between birthday parties, classes, and showings at my house my life has been chaotic to say the least. I was naughty this week and ate food that I normally do not eat {desserts and fried food in particular}. I typically put this food on my no no list, but with two birthday celebrations and my husband cooking a meal or two this week I somehow ened up gaining a pound… and I feel yucky to boot! These types of food no longer agree with my system. Even though I gained a pound I still lost 2 inches this week.

Measured Progress:
Weight: +1 lb
Waist:  same
Hips:  -.1in
Chest:  -.5in
Right Arm: same
Left Arm: -.5in
Right Thigh: same
Left Thigh: same

Class Schedule:
TurboFire uses terms like Fire class, HIIT Class, Core Class, Sculpt Class, Tone Class, and Stretch Class. I use the terms workout, tone, and cool down. Each Class denotes it time through its title, I am just going to tell you the length of the classes, but let me tell you this; the shorter the length of a workout the more intense the workout is.
How did I do this week? Did I do all of the workouts (classes) in the schedule?
I switched things up again this week. There were some days that I was afraid I wasn’t going to get a workout in at all, so I compromised and changed the program for the day. I also switched my rest day. For some reason I have a really hard time working out on Saturdays. I think that because my husband is home and under foot I am not able to do what I typically do during the week.

Saturday: REST DAY
Sunday: 20 minute toning workout, 10 minute stretch class

Monday: 45 minute workout
Tuesday: 30 minute workout and 30 minute toning workout
Wednesday:  15 minute HIIT workout –replacing a 45 minute workout
Thursday: 45 minute workout
Friday: 20 minute HIIT workout – replacing a 45 minute workout-

My Reaction to this program:
I have been deviating from the program in order to fit in workouts to my personal schedule. As great as this is, I find that I am starting to get a little bored with my HIIT 15 that I keep going to. My goal for this week is to make sure that I can fit in the scheduled workouts each day AND say no to food on my no no list. I think that by sticking to the schedule I will avoid being bored, each day is a different workout.

I seem to have hit a plateau in my ability to tone and lose inches. I have been stuck at the same measurements for arms, thighs, and waist for a while now. I think that if I work on the toning/sculpture workouts a little more this might change. And as healthy as I typically eat, I need to be able to say no to those yummy {so not good for you} items that were my downfall this week.

This week I will be tried a shakeology shake.  My friend had been pushing this shake on me for a while and sent me a sample to try. I kept an open mind about the shakeology shake and even spent some time online looking up the different recipes that they recommend. I went with the Choco Loco shakeology shake and ate/drank this as a replacement for lunch on Wednesday. As great as these shakes are supposed to be for me, I am still not a shake person. I tried it and I was not a fan of it, but I am also not a shake person. I had my son try a little and he was over the moon about it. 

If you are interested in TurboFire just click on the picture to find out more!

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