Monday, March 19, 2012

It is the simple things in life…

Playing with rocksIt is the simple things in life that tend to bring the most joy to my boys. As wonderful as toys can be there is something to be said for the basics. When I was a child my Barbie dream house was made up of toilet paper rolls and towels. I was forced to use my imagination and I loved it.

At the time I am sure that I was envious of all those girls who had Barbie’s dream home and drove Barbie around in cool little pink corvettes. My Barbie drove a tissue box. I am sure that I thought that my life was over when I didn’t get a brand new Skipper doll. Not being given everything I wanted enabled me to be a more crafty and creative person, so thank you mom.

I am able to be somewhat crafty and creative-ish with my children and I credit this with having to use my imagination as a child… and as a teenager… and as an adult. Although I love toys and have a fabulous time playing with the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets, I also adore being able to go on rock hunts and play in cardboard boxes too.

Whenever we head outdoors my children gravitate to the rock pile near the front of our home. They pick out their favorites and spend their time lining them up in rows. When our rocks aren’t good enough we go on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood for rocks to collect and bring back home.

There are so many things that you can do with rocks. You can paint them, write on them, glue them to other rocks to make snow man rocks… the list goes on and is only limited by your imagination. I think that we may make a rock family sometime soon. The kids can do self portraits; it should be entertaining to say the least.

Isn’t it amazing that the simple basic things in life can be so entertaining?

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