Friday, March 2, 2012

Fitness Friday: Week 6 of TurboFire

Whew! One major event is done and another huge one is on the horizon. The big birthday party for my now 3 year old is over and next week my house goes on the market! Life is sure to be even more crazy than normal so I am hoping to be able to keep up with my TurboFire!

Measured Progress:
Weight: -1 lb
Waist:  -1.5 in
Hips:  -.5in
Chest:  -.5 in
Right Arm: same
Left Arm: same
Right Thigh: -1 in
Left Thigh: -1 in

Class Schedule
TurboFire uses terms like Fire class, HIIT Class, Core Class, Sculpt Class, Tone Class, and Stretch Class. I use the terms workout, tone, and cool down. Each Class denotes it time through its title, I am just going to tell you the length of the classes, but let me tell you this; the shorter the length of a workout the more intense the workout is.

How did I do this week? Did I do all of the workouts (classes) in the schedule?

I missed my Saturday workout because I was busy getting everything ready for the big birthday party and entertaining family. I switched my Sunday workout for my Wednesday rest day and rocked out the rest of the week! With a little switching around I was able to work out during nap time without incident.

TurboFire Chalene and I are getting along better than ever. I yell at the television and talk smack and Chalene offers positive encouragement to keep me going. Yes, I totally talk smack to the television while working out – it makes me feel better and keeps me going.

Saturday: MISSED
Sunday: REST DAY

Monday: 55 minute workout
Tuesday: 30 minute workout and 30 minute toning workout
Wednesday:  30 minute workout and 30 minute toning workout
Thursday: 30 minute workout and 30 minute toning workout
Friday: 55 minute workout

My Reaction to this program:

TurboFireI usually log into the BeachBody Super Gym website and log my workouts, but this week I was just lucky to get my workouts completed and did not find the time to go online. I must say that I did not miss the Super Gym, but I think that is because I don’t really interact with people on it. I simply do not have the time to sit and chat online with others {noticing a theme here?}. A majority of my time is spent with my children and what I have leftover I spend doing chores around my house, blogging, and exercising. I cannot remember the last time I just sat back and relaxed for a whole day… Do people still do that?

This week I felt fat. You know that feeling you get when you just feel unattractive and bloated. That was me this week, which is funny since I lost weight and noticeably lost inches. I think that what I need is to go shopping and buy some better fitting clothing. That and a pedicure would cheer me right up!

If you are interested in TurboFire just click on the picture to find out more!

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