Sunday, March 25, 2012

I took my child to the movie theater for the very first time!

first movie theater experience.I love movies. I mean I really LOVE movies! I grew up in a family where we watched movies as a family. For the longest time my parents refused to have cable in the house and as a result my brother and sisters and I developed an appreciation for films.

My parents had a huge home movie library, so there was always something to choose from. They had so many movies that my mother created and organized a card catalog for her movie collection... it was color coded.

I grew up watching Cary Grant, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, and Hayley Mills. I love the classics and still enjoy watching them to this day. The costumes, music, and class that the old school movies possessed cannot be found in present day hollywood.

My mother, the former school librarian, encouraged us to read books. The books are usually better than the movies. When reading a story you are only limited by your own imagination. Thanks to my own upbringing I try to share my love of literature and my awe of the movies with my children.

Although I doubt that Operation Petticoat would hold my three-year-olds attention, I do want him to enjoy movies as much as I do. So I decided that it was time to take my son to a movie theater.

There is nothing quite as magical as watching a film in a movie theater. The soft reclining seats, the smell of popcorn, the gigantic screen, and the surround sound makes movie watching an experience like none other. I have been waiting for the perfect movie to take my son to. I wanted it to be animated, but not scary. I wanted it to be musical, but not obnoxiously loud. I wanted it to be perfect.

I took my son to see The Lorax this weekend and I could not have been happier with our choice of films. The Lorax was light, bright, and highly entertaining. This movie held my sons attention and was completely appropriate for all ages. We laughed out loud several times during this film and held our breath as the truffula trees were chopped down. It was the perfect film for my son and his first movie theater experience.

Have you ever taken your child to the movies? If so what was their first film?

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