Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A trip to the zoo; Phillips Park Zoo!

Phillips Park Zoo, Aurora IL

My son loves going to the zoo. One of his favorite television shows is Wild Kratts because he loves learning everything there is to know about every type of animal! He enjoys pointing out all of the different types of animals and he especially lights up when he gets to see the animals in action.

One of my son’s favorite places to go is the zoo. He especially loves to visit the reptile house. Those sneaky snakes and alligators are sure fun to look at!

Now that both of my children can walk, an afternoon at the zoo is fun but a little frantic. I spend a lot of time chasing down my kids instead of taking a leisurely stroll through the grounds. So when my son asked to visit the zoo the other day I thought about Philips Park Zoo, a local free zoo.

The Philips Park Zoo is nowhere near as large as the Brookfield Zoo but they do have a nice setup that is easy to navigate. They have bald eagles, wolves, peacocks, turkeys, alligators, snakes, and more. Although they do not have tigers, bears, or elephants they do a great job creating a fun family friendly outing. Best of all, it is completely free!

We spend about two hours walking around looking at the animals. We had a great time checking out the peacocks and those fabulous tail feathers! I think the snakes are still the big attraction for my boys though.  Big and small, there are quite a few snakes to be seen.

A quick and easy afternoon at the zoo is just what the doctor ordered to change things up and keep us entertained. I am able to navigate Phillips Park Zoo on my own with the boys fairly easily. I am not sure yet if I am willing to brave Brookfield Zoo on my own with the kids… we will have to see. Taking tots to the zoo can be an adventure!
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