Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ear infections are the pits!

Over this last year I experienced my very first ever ear infection. It was a double ear infection and it was awful! I felt terrible and I was in pain all day long. Once I was given antibiotics, I felt better within a day or two.  I handled my ear infection pretty well, but I am an adult and am equipped to deal with pain – heck I am a mom! Pain is my middle name.

What I am not equipped to deal with is my child in pain. Watching my child hurt is incredibly difficult for me. I want to kiss the scratched and booboos and make them all better. I do not deal well with the inability to help. This frustrates and worries me. What is terrifying for me is when I don’t know what is wrong and I have no idea how to make everything all right again!

My little guy was unable to take a nap because he was in pain. He sat in his room crying and rubbing his ear. I went to check on him. When I looked in his ear it was almost swollen shut and bright red. This completely freaked me out. Then my little guy, who is so not a fan of doctors, asks me to call the doctor to make him feel better.

Needless to say I got my child dressed and ready –lickety split- and we went to the doctor’s office to see what he could see. Ear infection was the diagnosis and an antibiotic was the course of action being provided. Since I have had an ear infection myself, I can empathize with the pain my son has been going through. Hopefully I can help ease his pain a little too.

I am so thankful that is wasn’t something super scary. I can deal with an ear infection. Little man is taking his medicine like a champ and hopefully in a day or so he will be feeling 100%. Until then we are taking it easy and cashing in on some cuddle time.

Project 366 Day 62 of One Photo A Day
Comfort Food
Project 366

I don’t think there is anything worse than having a sick kid, but that is just my humble opinion. When my little peanuts are sick I have a pajama day, make comfort food {William loves bananas}, watch a movie, and cuddle the day away.  What do you do to make your little ones feel better?

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