Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reading is Fun!

I love to read!

I have a decent size collection of board books that I keep on the bottom shelf of a bookcase for my children. These board books are taken out on a daily basis. They are well loved books.

My little peanuts love to take the books off the shelf and sit on the floor flipping through the pages. They stack the books up into little mini towers and they cuddle with their favorite stories. And they both have books that they just cannot seem to get enough of.

Steven, the baby of the house, cannot get enough of Bill Martin and his Brown Bear Brown Bear board book. The Dr. Seuss stories are always a hit too! William, the big boy {3 year old}, has developed a new appreciation for Eric Carle although Thomas the Train books still hold a special place on his own personal bookshelf.

Both of the boys are going through a cuddling stage right now where they like to find books to read and snuggle up for story time. I love this stage. I have a feeling that it will be short lived, but I am going to enjoy every moment of it while I have the chance.

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