Friday, March 9, 2012

If it quacks like a duck put it in the bathroom!

When I was younger I was all about ducks. I got the idea to make my dorm bathroom a duck themed bathroom. Since I attended NIU I was lucky enough to live in a private dorm. I shared a bathroom and a large walk in closet with a dorm-mate and she was on board with the whole duck thing too.

I bought a fun little duck mat and a duck toilet seat cover and my dorm-mate bought the shower curtain. It was a shiny happy dorm bathroom. It makes me smile just reminiscing about it.

Time moves on and peoples taste in décor changes. The duck theme found its way into a bin and has been stored away for about eight years. I came across this bin the other day while cleaning out my storage area and remembered that my sister-in-law was going with a duck themed childs bathroom for her home… a phone call later and these duck were flying the coop!

I love it when perfectly good items I no longer need find a happy home. I loved the ducks while they were mine, but it is time to move on. I am thinking that the kid’s next bathroom is going to be a Disney makeover and Mickey Mouse will be the theme. I mean really… how cute would a Mickey Mouse bathroom be? I think super cute.  Hopefully we will sell our home {prayers are welcome J} and I will be able to make the new bathroom a Mickey Mouse bathroom.

Project 366 Day 68 of One Photo A Day

Duck Rug
Project 366

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