Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitness Friday TurboFire: Week 9

I took out all of my spring and summer clothes from storage and tried everything on with tears of joy. I actually choked up! I have never in my life taken out summer clothes and had everything fit, let alone feel loose. Usually when I take out summer clothing everything is skin tight and uncomfortable. I usually have to wear slacks for the first couple weeks of nice weather until I can slim down enough to fit back into my warm weather attire. NOT THIS YEAR!

Measured Progress:
Weight: -1 lb
Waist:  -.5 in
Hips:  -.5in
Chest:  same
Right Arm: same
Left Arm: same
Right Thigh: -.5in
Left Thigh: -.5in

Class Schedule
TurboFire uses terms like Fire class, HIIT Class, Core Class, Sculpt Class, Tone Class, and Stretch Class. I use the terms workout, tone, and cool down. Each Class denotes it time through its title, I am just going to tell you the length of the classes, but let me tell you this; the shorter the length of a workout the more intense the workout is.

How did I do this week? Did I do all of the workouts (classes) in the schedule?

I was able to stay with the program this week with very little digression. I had to switch my rest days and I needed to replace a workout with something more manageable for my time constraints {I broke up the workout into two separate sessions}.

Saturday:          45 minute workout
Sunday:            20 minute toning workout, 10 minute stretch class
Monday:          15 minute HIIT workout and 30 minute toning workout
Tuesday:          30 minute workout and 20 minute toning workout
Replacing 45 minute workout class and 10 minute cool down
Wednesday:     20 minute HIIT workout
Thursday:        REST DAY
Friday:             55 minute workout

My Reaction to this program:

This week has been really great for keeping on schedule. I have been able to get my workouts in without too much deviation. I am feeling great too! I lost the pound that I gained back last week and I am losing more inches!

I wore shorts this week and they were not long capris shorts. They were shorts and I did not feel the need to run and hide. I did not feel like I looked like a beached whale. I was happy with my body and proud of all of my hard work. Being able to fit into clothing is great motivation for me. Now to go and find my skinny clothes and see how much more work I need to do…

I am toying with the idea of getting the TurboFire Advanced package to add some more variation to my workout routine and to add some weights. BeachBody Fitness makes these weighted gloves that look like they would be fun to work with. I have weights that I can strap to my ankles and my hands, but they move around too much when exercising and end up hurting me more than helping. This is something for me to think about.

If you are interested in TurboFire just click on the picture to find out more!

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