Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This morning I went through my sons entire wardrobe only to discover that he had about three pairs of shorts that would still fit him {for now} and about three t-shirts that he could fit into. It was enough for today, but this would not work if the weather stayed this nice. This would not do. It was time to raid my coupon drawer and hit the stores!

Playing outsideWhile my hubby and son were outside playing basketball I was looking for coupons and planning our little shopping excursion. Once the baby woke up from his morning nap it was time to hit the road and buy a new summer wardrobe for my toddler.My Saint Patrick’s Day has been spent taking advantage of Saint Patrick’s Day sales.

We hit up Old Navy and bought a majority of the clothes we needed for a fraction of the original prices thanks to a coupon in last week’s newspaper for $10 off and a 17% off printable online coupon for today only. I still have a couple more pairs of shorts to buy today, but that is only because my Old Navy was pretty picked over in the boys section. I think I might hit up Kohl’s and see what they have going on… Oh how I love to shop.

This mornings shopping trip involved everyone in the family. There was a lot of trying on of clothing by my toddler who after the third pair of shorts was over it! My husband was over the whole shopping trip too. This afternoon I am hoping to hit the stores solo for a bit before the kiddos wake up from nap, but we will see.

The sun is shining the weather is warm and that means that it is time to put on something green and head outdoors for some fun! My husband and son spent a good part of the morning playing basketball in the driveway, this afternoon we will be heading out to a nearby park for some jungle gym fun!

How are you spending your Saint Patrick’s Day?

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