Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too young for technology?

iPad Monster

At what age is it appropriate for children to play with iPads or iPhones? This is the oh so controversial question that I am struggling with today.

As a former educator I fear that technology leaves children with an expectation of entertainment in the classroom that no teacher can possibly live up to. There is a need for instant gratification that comes from constantly being bombarded with lights, sounds, and movement that these new fangled gadgets provide. I worry that I am over stimulating my child.

On the flip side I do not want my child to be left in the lurch. I want my child to be prepared for the future and that means understanding how to use the technology that plays a large part in everyday life.

I am by no means anti-technology. I love gizmos and gadgets. I bought the iPad {first generation} when it hit the market and still use it on a daily basis. I have an iPhone 4s and love being able to have face-time conversations with my in-laws {who also LOVE being able to see the grandkids ride a bike for the first time or take their first steps}.We have a home computer as well as several gaming systems {from the old school Atari all the way to Xbox 360 and Wii}. We are a very techno savvy household and enjoy the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. But what about the kids?

When is it appropriate to introduce children to all the fun technology has to offer? What if the technology I am introducing them to is educational. With all of the apps available for the iPad and iPhone these days is it wrong to use these devices as a source of educational entertainment?

Is there a balancing act to be played with technology and old school basic entertainment? In my home we try and take a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B. We have paper flash cards that we play with as well as several apps on the iPad that we find entertaining. We color on coloring pages and paint with real live paintbrushes, but we also have an app for that.

I think that there is a happy medium and like most things in life, if done in moderation it should all be just fine.

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