Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dog Day!

I love animals. I think they can be uber cute and incredibly sweet. I do not own any animals at this time and do not plan on owning any animals until I am done having children and all of my children are potty trained. A girl can only clean up so much poop.

 While visiting my family this weekend I was lucky enough to get some puppy time with my sister’s two dogs. One is not a puppy; she is an old hound dog that we rescued from the middle of a highway. The other is a puppy {quite a large puppy, but still a puppy} that my sister bought from an animal shelter. They are very smart dogs that are a treat to have around.

Phoenix is the name of the puppy in the picture below. We call her fifi for short. She has the mistaken idea that she is a person. She likes to lounge around on the chairs and sofas like the queen of Sheba. She likes to jump up on counters to sneak tasty treats too! Regardless of {or perhaps because of} her antics she is a fun dog to be around.

Project 366

Project 366 Day 38 of One Photo A Day


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