Friday, February 17, 2012

TurboFire Fitness Friday

Week 4:
I am back at it! Having to take off three days last week due to illness was not my idea of fun and left me feeling feeble. Because I was off for three days I felt like I had to work twice as hard to keep up with the videos this week and to maintain my level of energy throughout the workouts.

It was not easy and I totally wanted to turn off the video half way through one of my workouts earlier this week, but I powered through and made it work. What is even more entertaining to me is the fact that although I felt tired and fragile this week, I didn’t even break a sweat at my Zumba Toning class that I take in addition to TurboFire. It no longer challenges me like TurboFire does. I guess it is a good thing that I take is as a way to get out of the house and have fun with a friend (as opposed to thinking of it as my sole way of getting fit).

Measured Progress:
Weight: -.5 lb
Waist:  same
Hips:  same
Chest:  same
Right Arm: same
Left Arm: -.25 in
Right Thigh: same
Left Thigh: same

Class Schedule
TurboFire uses terms like Fire class, HIIT Class, Core Class, Sculpt Class, Tone Class, and Stretch Class. I use the terms workout, tone, and cool down. Each Class denotes it time through its title, I am just going to tell you the length of the classes, but let me tell you this; the shorter the length of a workout the more intense the workout is.

How did I do this week? Did I do all of the workouts (classes) in the schedule?

I completed all of my classes this week. Although there was a day that I dreamt about telling Chalene to take a long walk off a short bridge (yes, I talk to Chalene when I work out) I finished and I am proud of myself for finishing. It would have been easy to hit the stop button, but I didn’t. I rallied and I nailed it! I did a lot of mumbling and grumbling, especially during the sculpting class this week, but I finished each and every workout and I brought the energy to each one.

Saturday: 20 minute toning workout and 40 minute cool down
Sunday: 55 minute workout

Monday: 45 minute workout and 10 minute cool down
Tuesday: 20 minute workout and 10 minute cool down
Wednesday:  REST DAY
Thursday: 20 minute workout and 30 minute toning workout
Friday: 55 minute workout

My Reaction to this program:
I found that because I took a couple days off from TurboFire I had to work harder than ever to get back to the endurance I had before I got sick. This might have to do with not exercising for three straight days or it might be more about the fact that I was so sick. Either way, I felt frail the first couple days back in the saddle. By the end of the week I was able to keep up the pace and the energy a lot better.

I have been doing the TurboFire for a couple weeks now and I have to say that my favorite videos are the HIIT classes. They are short and sweet and get the blood pumping right away. I love that I can work up a great sweat in 15 minutes and be done with my workout for the day. The 55 minute workouts on the other hand are harder for me to find motivation for; I just do not have a lot of time in my day. It is really hard for me to carve out a solid uninterrupted 55 minute workout when there is so much to be done and so little time to do it. Thank goodness that these longer workouts are only once or twice a week. They are fun and they fly by, but they are not nearly as sweet as those 15 or 20 minute classes.

I do like that I am not doing the same workout each and every day. The program changes up the class schedule and the types of classes being done so that you keep things from getting monotonous. I like that each day brings a new and fresh workout. Some are definitely more difficult than others, but each is worthwhile.

If you are interested in TurboFire just click on the picture to find out more!

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